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To achieve the stated objectives will be used in combiantion microwave and hot air so as to increase the effect of grinding and sterilization of the microwaves.
The project development will run through the following technical activities :

  • characterization of sludges and measurement of dielectric properties (chemical analysis of different types of sludge both wet and dry; measurement of temperature in relation to the permittivity of the sludge at 2.45 GHz; drying tests of small amounts of sludge, with exposure to pure microwaves and analysis of the behavior of heated sludges with identification and quantification of specific effects - grinding and sterilization and possible limits)
  • design of the hot-air+microwaves tunnel (geometry parameterization of the models and numerical simulations of a single module; optimization of the microwaves generator position and heat generation and distribution; numerical simulation of multiple modules, including the hot-air flow; final design and scattering matrix calculation - reflection coefficients and transmission)
  • design and dimensioning of leveling, transport and auxiliary systems (size and structure of the transport system of hot-air+microwave tunnel; sizing of the vents and heating elements for the transmission of the hot air; study and design of a closed system of air vents to harness the power of magnetrons; electrical and hydraulic plant design; dimensioning of the tower for air purification; layout design and allocation for the new pilot plant)
  • design and implementation of a unit of dried sludges agglomeration (agglomeration unit size and design, agglomeration unit construction and tests with dried sludge at different moisture levels)
  • construction and installation of final pilot line and testing activities (construction of hot-air+microwaves dryer and energy efficiency maximization; auxiliary systems construction, adaptation and installation and functional test; connection to the agglomeration unit and pilot line initiation; test of the line, microwaves dispersion tests and performance evaluation; mass and energy balance of the unit and calculation of environmental indicators)

There will also be other key components, like actions concerning the management of the project, its monitoring and dissemination of results during the course and after completion.

The innovative aspects introduced by the new pilot line therefore essentially consist in:

  • use of microwaves technology in a closed environment
  • use of microwaves generators operating at intermittent duty
  • usage of small plant with the possibility of use even in the smaller wastewater treatment plants


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