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The objective of the Sludge's Wealth Project is the realization of a compact and small pilot plant (12x3x3 mt), with an energy demand of 250kW, 25% of which is necessary for the generation of microwaves. The pilot plant would be able to convert at least 650 tons/year of biologic sludge with humidity at 75% in 280 tons/year of thickened fuels. This will allow the valorization of this type of waste, which is currently disposed of in landfills or dried in an ineffective way and incinerated, resulting in low efficiency because of high water content still present (30%).
The new system will also bring a sterilizing action on treated sludge, thank to direct absorption of microwaves by microorganisms in the water.

The expected results from the realization of this project can be summarized as follows:

  • conversion of at least 650 tons of biologic sludges, equivalent to the production of a small town of 60,000 inhabitants, in a high calorific value consisting of 280 tons of thickened fuels
  • sterilization of the aggregated product obtained by direct interaction of microwaves with micro-organisms in the water
  • high efficiency in drying the sludges (70%)


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