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COOMI has been developing the most advanced and efficient Italian technologies in the field of the waste material disposal/re-conversion for the last ten years.

We are the first company able to carry out modular, scalar and multipurpose solutions at the cost of the traditional waste disposal plants.

The creation of value from waste in an environment-friendly way is our industrial philosophy.

The eco-sustainable re-conversion of industrial, civil and hospital waste material represents one of the basic challenges that the big companies in the world must accept at the beginning of this new century.

The innovative model proposed by COOMI is the district for the disposal/re-conversion of waste material, that is to say, an area specialized in the waste management able to produce economic value through eco-sustainable technologies fully in compliance with the most restrictive international environment regulations, such as the Kyoto protocol.

We would like to share our philosophy with our customers/partners, with the utmost respect for the environment and the people, in order to create wealth from the waste and live in a better world.

As we are certain of the excellence and the environmental compatibility of our plants, we carry out the plant DRAG-0 as the “first pilot plant” in partnership with our new customers.

For further information, please refer to the short-form file and to the on-line demo of the DRAG-0 plant.



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